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HP-388 NZ-1 Q1014

You don’t even have to blow this compact ELECTRONIC POCKET WHISTLE - just push a button. Emits a loud 120 dB whistle for as long as you push the button. Useful in various situations such as sporting events, a locator in emergencies...

The NAP ALARM is for anyone who has ever felt drowsy while driving. Some of us have actually fallen asleep only to be awakened by the blaring horn of an oncoming car. The Nap Alarm is an innovative, potentially lifesaving anti-drowsiness alarm....

The AUTO EMERGENCY TOOL is clearly a lifesaver! With 4 emergency functions in one, this car emergency tool is the most versatile on the market. The super bright flashlight can be used at night in any situation. The blinking emergency light...




CHILD GUARD PANDA - Have you ever experienced the terror of thinking your child is missing or lost? We have all had the gut-wrenching feeling of turning around on a busy street and finding that our child is nowhere in sight. Now this could be...