The MINI TELEPHONE RECORDER is a small, easy-to-use audio recording device that lets you record phone calls. Plug the
Mini Telephone Recorder directly into your phone jack to record any phone conversation. It has a built-in speaker with
adjustable volume for playback. The device easily fits next to your home or office phone letting you discreetly record
a phone call without drawing extra attention.

Features: Manual recordings (press button to start recording) or automatic recordings (start when a phone call begins),
 Records high quality WAV files to SD card, Manage recordings in real time record and playback calls directly from this
device, Up to 560 hours of recording on a 8 GB SD Card; All calls are time/date stamped to let you quickly skim through
recorded phone calls, automatically overwrites earliest recorded phone calls to make space for new recordings.

PLEASE NOTE: The Mini Telephone Recorder Pro can not be connected between a digital phone and a wall-jack. It must be
connected between a digital phone and the handset of your phone to convert a digital signal to analog. The handset option
can be used to record a phone call on a digital phone line. You can not use this device to covertly record a phone call
on a digital phone- the handset must be connected to the phone and will be clearly visible.

Specifications: Recording Format= SD Card, Power Supply= Battery and AC Adapter, No Computer Required, Connects directly
to analog line or to digital/IP telephone handset cords, Automatic start, stop and record with Rapid search and playback
controls, LCD displays for all call information, time and date stored, Dimensions= 2.5” × 4”

Includes: Mini Telephone Recorder, 8 GB SD Card, Replaceable 2 LR44 Button-Cell Batteries, AC Power Adapter, Telephone
Cord, and User Manual

MTR •  Mini Telephone Recorder

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