These everyday items have tiny cameras hidden in them. They are easy to use and easy to install. Use these
hidden cameras to protect your property at your home, office, your children, and your pets to give you peace
of mind. Many of them are very portable, easily moved from room to room or place to place. You get the cables, connectors and multi power supplies you need too. All of them are hand-crafted in the USA. Camera requires some ambient light (night light, television).


The MOTION DETECTOR HIDDEN CAMERA can be used in many locations. It is common to find Motion Detectors
in places like homes and businesses but most people would not think one contains a hidden camera. Ideal
because of it’s small size. Includes rotating base mount and installs easily using wall screws. DOES NOT
function as Motion Detector. 12 V power supply. Dimensions -  2.75” × 2” × 4.5”



  • Item #: HC-MOTIOD-WC


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