Although it is not a hidden camera this affordable Dash Camera with built-in Mini DVR is a "High Definition" Car Dash Camera and it works great as an Accident Recorder, Evidence Collector, and Criminal Catching Device.

Every motorist needs such a gadget, and since modern technology makes things like this so affordable, why not have the protection and peace of mind? It is better to have one and not need it, than to need one and not have it.

With the included multi-purpose bracket and the dual cameras, the usefulness of this wonderful car dashboard camera can be much more widespread; suitable for recording any type of action, monitoring various events, and outdoor and scenic photography. This may also come in handy for "evidence collection" photographing, and car surveillance. Even when the car is parked in the driveway, and you want to find out which kids are throwing empty soda cans in your yard on the way home from school, this beauty will come in handy. Surveillance Cameras are not just purely used for crime and this one can be handy for many situations.


Records Video, Images and Audio
User-friendly design
Very Portable
2” LCD screen to view footage right from the device
Hooks up to a computer for easy footage download
Dual cameras record inside and outside the vehicle
IR for night vision
Records about 2.5 hours of footage with an 8GB SD card.
Manual On/Off Switch
Battery run time about 1 hour in dual camera mode. About 2 hours in 1 camera mode.

Angle of view= 120°
Min. illumination= 1 Lux
Memory Card= 8 GB SD (supports up to 32 GB)
Video recording form= AVI
Resolution= 1280 × 480 @ 30 fps
USB connection= Mini5Pin USB 2.0
Charging Time ~ 3 hours

Hi-Definition Camera
Manual, Mounting Bracket
Cigarette Lighter Charger
USB Cable
SD Card 8 GB -

  • Item #: HC-DASHC-DVR


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